Excellence and Innovation
in Canadian Theatre

Annick Lefebvre

2014, selected by playwright Olivier Choinière

After graduating from UQÀM in 2004, Annick Lefebvre founded Le Crachoir (The Spittoon), a company that questions the role of the author at the heart of the creative process, as well as the process of production and performance of a work. She is the author of Ce samedi il pleuvait (It Was Raining That Saturday), a finalist for the 2011 prix Gratien-Gélinas and the 2013 prix Michel-Tremblay. In 2013-14, she was among the group of emerging writers in “Contes Urbains” at La Licorne. This season, she will be on stage at the Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui in the cast of 26 lettres: abécédaire des mots en perte des sens, a new play by Olivier Choinière, and the same theatre where her own play, J’accuse, will be directed by Sylvain Bélanger in April, 2015. Meanwhile, in France, her first play for adolescents, La machine à révolte, will be produced in Alsace and in Basse-Normandie. Annick is about to complete Prends-moi, which she is co-writing with Guiseppe Lonobile (Belgium) and Olivier Sylvestre (Québec), in addition to beginning work on ColoniséEs, her next dramatic projectile.

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