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Anick La Bissonnière – Speech

I love theatres. They have a special smell; the air is thicker, the silence is deeper. Nothing is more intoxicating for me than to sit in an empty theatre and to sense all the emotions, past and future, that might … Continued

Marilène Bastien – Speech

What an honour to be chosen as the protégée of Anick La Bissonnière, a radiant artist, an exceptional woman for whom I have huge admiration! Architect, designer and teacher she embodies creativity, sensitivity and selflessness all at the same time. … Continued

Olivier Choinière Speech

The honour bestowed on me allows me to speak to you tonight. And this honour demands a certain honesty. So, I will be honest with you: very often, I detest theatre. I detest theatre, one could say, in order to … Continued

Annick Lefebvre Speech

In September, 1999, I am doing my BA to become a high school French teacher. Some friends who are studying theatre take me to see the first production of le Théâtre du Grand Jour. The play is called Autodafé and … Continued

Chris Abraham Speech

ON OCTOBER 21, 2013 Chris Abraham, Artistic Director of Crow’s Theatre, was awarded the prestigious Siminovitch Prize in Theatre during a ceremony at University of Toronto’s Hart House Theatre. The Prize honours professional directors, playwrights and designers by acknowledging excellence … Continued

Robert Thomson Speech

Robert Thomson, Recipient of the Siminovitch Prize for Design, 2012 The following acceptance speech was made by Robert Thomson at the 2012 Siminovitch Prize in Theatre honouring designers on November 5, 2012. I would like to begin with thanks. To … Continued

Joan MacLeod Speech

Joan MacLeod, Recipient of the Siminovitch Prize for Playwrighting, 2011 The following acceptance speech was made by Joan MacLeod at the 2011 Siminovitch Prize in theatre honouring playwrights on November 7, 2011. Thank you Dr. Siminovitch . Thank you to … Continued

Kim Collier Speech

Kim Collier, Recipient of the Siminovitch Prize for Direction, 2010 The following acceptance speech was made by Kim Collier at the 2010 Siminovitch Prize in theatre honouring directors on November 1, 2010. What an incredible honour this is to accept … Continued

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