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“My former literary agent in New York used to describe the Siminovitch to American theatre directors as ‘like the Pulitzer’. In a few more years I would hope that it would no longer need a ‘like a’ preface for its importance to be understood internationally… The Siminovitch Prize is an investment in our future – reminding us that the stories we tell are the people we are and the country we might become. The Siminovitch tells everyone that theatre is important.”
Daniel MacIvor, playwright, recipient 2008


“As a recipient, I can attest that the prize has given me strength and just enough financial security to continue my work as a theatre maker, educator and someone who is privileged to make a significant contribution to the cultural, and I believe moral life of this country.” Daniel Brooks, director, recipient 2001


Siminovitch2013-1381“I promise you that without the institution of the Siminovitch Prize I wouldn’t be at this desk today.  The recognition is massive and important; the financial burden that is lifted can make the difference between being able to carry on or not.” Jillian Keiley, director, recipient 2004.


“Parce qu’il est décerné par un jury de pairs, le Prix est pour l’artiste qui le reçoit un salut de la part de ses camarades. C’est aussi un coup d’accélérateur, une injection d’adrénaline.’ Carole Fréchette, playwright 2002


“The Siminovitch Award uniquely and beautifully acknowledges the need for support for both established and emerging artists. It has given us recipients what we always need most: time and support to create.”
Joan MacLeod, playwright, recipient 2011


4“Being selected as the prize’s first protégé was a transformative moment for me. It opened the door to a true mentorship and friendship with Daniel Brooks. The Siminovitch Prize has proven to be a game changer for its recipients.”  Christopher Abraham, director, protégé 2001, recipient 2013.

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