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Carole Fréchette

Carole Fréchette was born in Montréal and is a graduate of the National Theatre School. Still based in Montréal, she has been a force in Québec theatre for over 25 years. Her work, translated into 18languages, has been staged all over the world, from Montréal to Reykjavik, and Paris to Tokyo. Fréchette is also the author of children’s novels and translations. She won the 1995 Governor General’s Award for Drama for her play Les Quatre Morts de Marie and the Chalmers Canadian Play Award for John Murrell’s English version of that play, The Four Lives of Marie. She also received Governor General’s Award nominations for La Peau d’Elisa in 1998, for Les Sept Jours de Simon Labrosse in 1999, for Jean et Béatrice in 2002 and for Serial Killer et autres pieces courtes in 2008. Fréchette is the 2002 winner of the Siminovitch Prize, the most prestigious award in Canadina theatre. She was one of the five nominees for Le Grand Prix de littérature dramatique 2009, in France, for La Petite pièce en haut de l’escalier. Her plays are published in French by Leméac/ Actes-Sud Papiers. John Murrell’s English versions of The Four Lives of Marie, Seven Days in the life of Simon Labrosse, Elisa’s Skin, Helen’s Necklace, and John and Beatrice are published by Playwrights Canada Press.

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