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Image: Ann-Marie Kerr, The Best Show



Peers are invited to nominate an exceptional artist who has developed a marked personal style or approach to their art and has created a high-quality body of work that has made a remarkable contribution and enriched theatre in Canada. This enrichment may occur, for example, through the development of new practices and methods, the rigorous pursuit of new questions and voices, the nurturing of rich collaborations, or any other process that serves the artist’s work.

The Siminovitch Prize is not a lifetime achievement award but is awarded to an exceptional artist whose practice continues to grow, develop, and expand. Nominees must have at least ten years of experience as professional artists in the discipline for which they are being nominated.

We seek nominations for theatre artists breaking new ground whose outstanding work makes a significant impact in their communities. Any questions regarding the eligibility of nominees are decided at the jury’s sole discretion.

Selection Process

A national jury of distinguished members of the theatre community is chosen annually to select the finalists and winner. The Jury Chair leads the selection of the jury and presides over deliberations.

The jury will consider the following aspects of the artist’s work:

Key Dates

Nominations Open – March 27, 2024

Nominations Close – June 9, 2024

Finalists Announced – October 2024

Siminovitch Prize Announced – December 2024


Submit a Nomination

Nominations for the 2024 Siminovitch Prize are currently closed. The online nomination form will open again in 2025.

Image: Linda Brunelle, costume creation


Submit a Nomination

Nominations for the 2024 Siminovitch Prize are now open. Click the button below to access the nomination form.

Image: Linda Brunelle, costume creation


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