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The Siminovitch Prize shines a spotlight on excellence and innovation in Canadian Theatre with an annual prize worth $100,000.

About the Prize

Over a three-year cycle, the prize celebrates a professional director, playwright or designer, an acknowledged leader in the theatre whose work is transformative and influential. The Siminovitch Prize also encourages and supports emerging talent with a protégé prize awarded to a theatre artist chosen by the recipient.

In 2018, the Prize was awarded to designer Stéphanie Jasmin, who selected Max-Otto Fauteux as the protégé.

2018 Laureate

Stéphanie Jasmin

“The Siminovitch Prize for a designer is certainly one of the few Canadian and even international awards given to artisans who work on the shadows; those who conceive a part of the dream that will take shape on a theatrical…

Nominee Event

A celebration for the 2019 Siminovitch Prize director nominees took place at Hart House, University of Toronto on Monday, October 28, 2019.

Latest News

Elinore & Lou Siminovitch

The truth is, the late Elinore Siminovitch never walked in anybody’s shadow; not once in her life; not ever. Those who knew her well knew that for certain about her.


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