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Artists in Residence

Image: Joshua Quinlan, Joyce Padua, Gillian Gallow, Nathan Med, Banff Centre, 2021


Artists in Residence spend one week reflecting, researching, or producing work outside their usual environments.

Artists in Residence

This opportunity is made possible by the National Arts Centre and the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity who share the Siminovitch Theatre Foundation’s interest in advancing contemporary theatre in Canada.

Selection Process

This opportunity is available to the Siminovitch Prize Laureate and their Protégé. It allows artists to come together in person in an inspiring location to build their relationship and support future mentorship and collaboration.

Artists are invited to use the time and space as they see fit, whether that’s for creation, research or rest.

Transportation, meals and accommodations are included.


Strengthening Relationships

Time spent together in a retreat environment strengthens the mentorship relationship and creates space for growth.

Image: Ann-Marie Kerr, rehearsal notes

Supporting Collaboration

Artists are given the opportunity to discuss ideas and learn from one another in an inspirational setting, removed from distractions.

Unlocking Creativity

A step back from their usual schedule helps artists explore deeper ideas, reflect on their craft and ignite a new sense of creativity.


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