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Emerging Artists

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Our grants help mentees tap into the knowledge and experience of leading theatre artists and to learn faster than on their own.

Emerging Artists Grants

Three $5,000 Emerging Artist Grants are awarded annually, along with additional funding for collaboration with a mid-career artist, to help promising talent to grow their network and connect with experienced artists.

Selection Process

Beginning in 2023, each of the Siminovitch Prize finalists will have the chance to uplift the career of an emerging artist who they think shows great potential.

Each finalist will select an Emerging Artist to receive a $5,000 grant and national profile through the Siminovitch Prize network. An additional $2,000 will be available to each pair of artists to support their mutual learning and collaboration expenses.

Emerging Artists must be:

> A theatre artist in the first few years of their career.
> Creating work that’s making a contribution to Canadian theatre.
> Earning their primary income from their artistic work.

It’s not required that the finalist have an existing relationship with the emerging artist they select.


Uplifting Groundbreaking Artists

Public recognition and financial resources allow artists to continue to evolve Canadian theatre in new and exciting ways.

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Enabling Mentorship and Collaboration

Mentorship helps artists broaden their horizons, build their confidence, and learn faster than they would on their own.


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