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Image: Jimmy Blais, 2021 Host


The Siminovitch Prize is Canada's most valuable theatre award.

The Siminovitch Prize is a celebration of Canadian theatre, honouring excellence and innovation since 2001. Awarded annually to one exceptional director, playwright, or designer, the Siminovitch Prize encourages artists financially and with national recognition. It helps artists deepen their practice and facilitates their ongoing contributions to theatre in Canada. The Siminovitch Prize has had an undeniably positive impact on the careers of Canadian theatre artists, and it represents an investment in the future of the art form.

One Grand Prize Winner

This life-changing $100,000 prize is awarded annually to a mid-career professional artist whose groundbreaking work significantly contributes to advancing the art form.

Each year the winner of the Siminovitch Prize selects a Protégé to receive $25,000 and a year of ongoing coaching and counsel.

Know someone who you think should be nominated? Learn about the Nomination Process.

Three Finalists

In addition to the grand prize winner, three finalists are recognized annually with $5,000, a documentary about their work, an opportunity to provide $5,000 to an emerging artist of their choosing, and access to the Siminovitch Network connecting them with fellow artists and profile for years to come.


Recognizing Remarkable Talent

The Siminovitch Prize has transformed the lives of 23 mid-career artists, 28 emerging artists, and 54 finalists.

Image: Michelle Ramsay, lighting plot

Uplifting Groundbreaking Artists

Public recognition and financial resources allow artists to continue to evolve Canadian theatre in new and exciting ways.

Image: Gillian Gallow, maquette

Inspiring Next Stage Visionaries

Recipients have gone on to inspire peers, mentor the next generation, lead institutions, and create unforgettable theatre.


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