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Why We Exist

Image: Guillermo Verdecchia, Jury Chair


Theatre is a Shared Experience That Connects Us.

As the world evolves and everyday interactions become virtual, the live shared experience of theatre becomes even more critical to our collective well-being.


Theatre is Powerful.

It helps develop empathy and understanding.
It offers a safe space to explore and express emotions and ideas.
It allows us to escape the everyday and provides entertainment.
It raises thought-provoking questions that challenge our thinking and initiate dialogue.


We Are Investing in Theatre.

The Siminovitch Theatre Foundation celebrates theatre artists, and inspires, convenes, and connects theatre artists and theatre audiences on a national stage across disciplines, geography, and language groups.

Our portfolio of programs helps groundbreaking artists thrive creatively and economically by furthering their craft through skill-building, mentorship, networking, and profile-building.


We Exist To...

1. Recognize artistic leadership
2. Invest in future talent
3. Inspire community connections


Our Vision

A world with more human connection and understanding because of shared theatre experience.

Our Mission

Advancing the art form by investing in groundbreaking theatre artists.

Our Values

> Inventive: We applaud fresh thinking.
> Community Driven: We celebrate groundbreaking theatre artists, and inspire, convene, and connect artists and audiences across Canada.
> Optimistic: We see theatre artists leading us into a future where Canada is a model for how people may live well together


Our Programs

Siminovitch Prize
Celebrates a mid-career professional artist whose work is enriching the art form. Each year, one artist is selected by a jury to receive an esteemed $100,000 prize, public profile and recognition.
Siminovitch Protégé Prize
Recognizes the importance of mentorship and profile to developing talent. Each year the winner of the Siminovitch Prize selects an emerging artist to receive $25,000 and a year of ongoing coaching and counsel.
Emerging Artists Grants
Helps mentees tap into the knowledge and experience of leading theatre artists and learn faster. Three $5,000 Emerging Artist Grants are awarded annually, along with additional funding to support collaboration.
Artists in Residence
Provides the opportunity for theatre artists to spend one week reflecting, researching, or producing work outside their usual environments.
Backstage Conversations
Unique and intimate exchanges between two leading contemporary theatre artists that aim to advance thinking about theatre practice and craft.
Siminovitch Showcase
Documentaries that share stories about some of the most creative theatre artists of our time. They offer information and inspiration about what's happening in Canadian theatre right now.
The Artist's Eye
An e-newsletter offering a captivating monthly snapshot of the current artistic projects of the Siminovitch Prize finalists, Laureates, and Protégés working across Canada and internationally.

Image: Gillian Gallow

Investing in
next stage visionaries.


Supported by a Dedicated Community

The Siminovitch Theatre Foundation, an independent charitable organization, is funded annually by loyal theatre audience members. 

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