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in Canadian Theatre

Luc Boulanger

Luc Boulanger is a well-known figure in Montreal’s media community. In addition to publishing articles, interviews and profiles in a wide range of magazines including ChâtelaineL’actualitéand Elle-Québec, for 12 years Luc Boulanger was the Theatre, Dance and Visual Arts editor for the Montreal cultural weekly Voir. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of VIA Destinationsmagazine, published by Les Éditions GESCA, and a contributor to the La Presse newspaper. He is frequently invited to appear on radio and television programs on the Radio-Canada, Télé-Québec and TVA networks. Luc Boulanger is also the author of a compilation of interviews with Michel Tremblay, Pièces à conviction, published by Leméac in 2001, and contributed to a collection of essays on gay marriage, Les termes d’un débat, which was published by Éditions Liber / Le Devoir in 2004.

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