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Ever wonder where the funds come from?

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I’m writing to ask you for a donation, recognizing the transformational change financial support and recognition can make in the lives of artists. The Siminovitch Prize has been Canada’s most valuable theatre prize for over two decades, and its impact is seen in over 100 recipients who have gone on to inspire peers, mentor the next generation, shape the future of the practice, lead influential institutions, and create unforgettable theatre. Artists, audiences….Canada benefits from this investment in risk-taking artists!



Over the past four years as Executive Director of the Siminovitch Theatre Foundation, I’ve had hundreds of conversations with people across the country who know and love the Siminovitch Prize. If only I had a dollar for every moment of surprise when an artist, a theatre lover, an administrator, an arts council funder, or even a Siminovitch Prize recipient realizes the Siminovitch receives no more than .01% government funding annually and that it is NOT endowed!

The truth is, very few people have thought about where the funding comes from because the Siminovitch Prize has reliably been there, year after year, celebrating Canada’s playwrights, directors and designers, as it should be! Canadian theatre artists deserve this critical recognition.

So, why are we asking you for a donation NOW? 

For 20 years, the Siminovitch Prize was funded almost exclusively by people honouring Lou and Elinore Siminovitch. When Lou reached 100 years old, the Siminovitch Theatre Foundation’s independent board of directors identified that it would be difficult to sustain the Prize unless a broader base of support could be engaged.

I am thrilled to share that new donors are joining us each week and that in 2023 85% of the funding has come from people and organizations that support the mission of advancing theatre in Canada by investing in groundbreaking theatre artists. We cheer and ring bells every time a new donor joins the community because it symbolizes greater long-term sustainability and another year for Canada’s most valued theatre prize!

If you’ve read this far, thank you! I hope you two will consider helping uplift Canadian theatre artists with a donation. Even a gift of $10 can help us towards our 2023 funding needs and make a difference in our work next year.

All donations made by December 31st will be doubled!


We have reached 67% of our end-of-year $20,000 campaign goal, and all contributions received by midnight on December 31st (up to $20,000) will be matched dollar-for-dollar by Siminovitch Theatre Foundation board members George Thomson and Colin Jackson. Please consider joining them in uplifting artists who are building human connection and understanding. 

Aimée Ippersiel
Executive Director, Siminovitch Theatre Foundation


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