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2003 Laureate

In awarding the Siminovitch Prize to Montreal designer Louise Campeau, the Jury expressed admiration for her designs, which they said, “possess a coherent, refined and subtle vision. She has a strong sense of visual artistry beyond the normal. She is truly a collaborative artist. This collaboration fully respects the expression of the actor, and gives lighting, costume and sound designers an enriched opportunity to allow their work to ‘perform’ in harmony. Ms. Campeau is an extraordinary theatre artist whose work provides a unique sense of play and is unparalleled in its dedication to the service of the play. Her work allows audiences to see and hear more clearly, engaging them in a better understanding of the production.”

A graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada in 1984, Louise Campeau has designed approximately 60 productions for 14 different companies in Quebec — from the large institutional theatres to the smallest experimental spaces.

2003 Protégés

Magalie Amyot
Michèle Magnon

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