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Daniel Brooks

Laureate, 2001

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2001 Laureate

A creator, director, writer and actor, by 2001 Daniel Brooks had emerged as a prolific and versatile artist, winning accolades and awards from around the country for his productions. He co-founded the Augusta Company, directed for Soulpepper Theatre, his productions with da da kamera toured the globe and he was the playwright in residence at the Tarragon Theatre. Most recently. he was Artistic Director of Necessary Angel Theatre.

In commenting on Brooks, the jury said it “recognizes and celebrates his depth of commitment, intellectual discipline and brilliant stagecraft. As he has grown from a co-creator to a director, his scope as an interpretive artist has become awesomely clear. With idealism and fearlessness, he has been eager to address complex issues in both contemporary and historical works. His theatrical rigour is infectious, challenging and inspiring the artists – notably actors and designers – whom he gathers into an investigative ensemble. Most remarkably, Brooks has been able to work on his own and establish a reputation outside the framework and opportunities provided by the larger companies. He is in every way an independent artist, consciously and proudly using the stage as an arena for moral debate and theatrical wonder.”

2001 Protégé


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