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Congratulations George!

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For the last six years, the board of directors of the Siminovitch Theatre Foundation has benefited firsthand from the leadership, generosity, wisdom, kindness and dedication of George Thomson’s volunteer work.  His commitment to uplifting theatre artists and theatre in Canada has been transformative for the organization and the Siminovitch Prize Laureates. With great pride, we salute George as he is invested as a member of the Order of Canada. 

Briony Glassco, Chair
Duncan McIntosh, Vice Chair
On behalf of the Board of Directors, The Siminovitch Theatre Foundation

“My love of theatre began when my parents decided I could handle both “The Merchant of Venice” and “Oedipus Rex” under the tent in Stratford’s third year in 1956. I remember being both terrified and fascinated by Frederick Valk as Shylock. Those masked Greeks had an emotional impact on me that has been repeated countless times ever since.” George Thomson 

Photo: Sgt Anis Assari, Rideau Hall © OSGG, 2023